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How do national home valuations (ex: Zestimates) affect the market value of my home?

It's common to come across a valuation range and an average value provided by national home valuation platforms. But here's the interesting part: If you haven't been keeping an eye on how the valuation of your home changes from the time it's off the market to when it's listed, you might be in for a surprise as you witness some rather significant value fluctuations.  What's behind these fluctuations? There are a couple of factors at play. Although helpful, National home valuation websites may not be as precise as a local Realtor when gauging home values. Realtors have access to a treasure trove of local and private MLS data and understand the nuances of homes and neighborhoods in the local market.

National websites often align their valuations with the list price, which can lead to further adjustments if you decide to make a price reduction. So, while these platforms can give you a sense of how the general public might perceive your home's value, they may not capture the true essence of your local market.
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