6305 Maple Ridge Lane Victoria MN 55331

Architect Randall M Buffie, AIA and Paul Johnson Lakes Sotheby's International Realty discuss the architecture and lifestyle appeal of the home at 6305 Maple Ridge Lane Victoria MN 55331 MLS # 4885946.

"When you take an artist and put a great craftsman together you get this kind of result."

Randall Buffie
Randall M Buffie Architect, Inc

6305 Maple Ridge Lane Victoria MN 55331


Video Transcript: 6305 Maple Ridge Lane Victoria MN 55331:

Paul: Randy, thanks for coming out.

Randy: Thank you for having me here today.

Paul: How would you articulate the style of this home?

Randy: Well, this is a soft contemporary home as it was originally designed. So the details, the windows, and those kinds of things actually are just an ample location of what was already here, but we just took it to another artful level.

Paul: Talk about the overall feel and structure of this home as well.

Randy: This side is really unique in the way that the sunlight dances off the leaves and creates this wonderful outdoor room that has this beautiful green filtered light, and that is contrast with the blue of the lake. And so this house very uniquely connects to the lake in that regard. Any time that you can blur the line from the inside to the outside, it allows you to connect to the nature and the natural setting that a house is situated in. And so with the glass and the accessibility, the outdoor room, all of these things coalesce into just a wonderful connection between the inside and the outside.

I mean, this house is almost like a sunlit sundial because the light changes through the course of the day as the sun is moving around the house, and that is unique. Most homes are not designed that way. It's pretty rare.


Paul: Speak more to the presentation of the home.

Randy: From the street you're presented with what I call the light scoops.  There is this animation to that façade that doesn't really exist from the lakeside. It has a more calm and a more reserved look from the lake, because you have the platonic shapes and sort of the backside of the scoops, which is really a soft look. The front side and the lake side really have two different personalities. You have this wonderful articulation that is really kind of for the guests and for just for the homeowners because you only see it once you round the corner and turn on to the driveway.


Paul: Describe the ideal lifestyle that would be attracted to this home.

Randy: A client who wants family and friends around them, this is the place, it's really designed for entertaining. You have areas that are more introspective, and you have areas that are more gregarious. Depending upon your mood or what you're doing, if you're reading a book, or if you're entertaining, this home supports all of those kinds of gatherings, whether you're doing just two couples or whether you're having 100 people. This home really supports all of that kind of wide range of entertaining. You sort of have it all, the animation, the fun. And you see the peace and the repose of the lake.

Paul: The more I hear you talk, the more I'm reflecting on just the amount of thought that goes into every detail of this home.

Randy: Oh, very much so. Everything had a purpose that started with a functional need, some sort of a mood, a feeling or a character that we were trying to create. Everything was thought through and figured out ahead of time about how is this going to feel.  Will it be warm in the winter? What's the character like with the fireplace on? Is it the kind of place that you want to lay on the sofa in the summertime with the windows open having the wind come from across the lake, and you fall asleep, and the book you're reading hits the floor? It is so peaceful to be here.

6305 Maple Ridge Lane, Victoria MN 55331

Published on 2017-10-24 19:25:12